The Path
Of The Mystics

The Mysteries of God, Man and Creation are waiting for you. Awaken your full Potential and realize Divine Unity in Love, Wisdom and Devotion. Discover the Universal Teachings in Theory and Practice with Ray del Sole.

The Mystical Path and
the Golden Age

Discover the universal teachings of mysticism, the timeless wisdom that threads through all religions. This sacred knowledge holds the keys to healing individuals, societies, and the environment. It unveils profound insights into God, humanity, and creation, providing meditative techniques for personal purification, healing, and the realization of higher potential. Ready to delve deeper into the mystical realms? Click the button below to read more and embark on a journey towards divine unity.

Why Choose to be a Mystic

We follow the eternal, universal teachings of the spiritual development of the human being. These teachings have been passed on from ancient times and respect the laws of creation. All laws are derived from the state of Divine Unity and with this the values of all-embracing divine love, compassion for all beings, wisdom and understanding are given. The law of Divine Harmony is ruling. Harmony points at the natural-divine order in life and creation, and this means health, vitality, happiness, inner peace and abundance for all beings.
Discover Mystical Realms with Ray del Sole's Books

Unveil the secrets of the ages with our collection of enchanting books penned by the master himself, Ray del Sole. Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of the Mystic Teachings and unlock the hidden knowledge that transcends time.

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Currently in development, our app (Android/iOS/PWA) is set to be released later this year. Stay tuned for a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary.